Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts as we dealt with the loss of Noel's dad.

I'm glad to report that Noel is back! He actually has been for 2 weeks almost. I have been a very negligent blogger.

Anyway, on the drive back from Tennessee I stopped to celebrate the return to my new home state:

This is at the Texas state line welcome center. I like it. :)

Also spotted this awesome retro RV:

Fabulous! I mean, this thing is straight off of Charlie's Angels.

My daily commute is about 55 miles into Houston, and sometimes there are interesting things to see. For example, a few weeks ago, I saw this at the underpass by my office:

Please note that the truck trailer is jammed up diagonally against the underpass. OOPS. This truck had stopped traffic going under that part of the underpass, so we all had to divert around.

Now you think they'd warn truckers about this kind of danger, right? They wouldn't just allow hapless truck drivers to think that they could go into this really tight U-turn without causing major damage, would they?

Because frankly, it's irresponsible to let this kind of thing just happen.

Oh wait.

(Um, in case you can't see it, that sign to the right? Says 'NO TRUCKS IN U-TURN.' But this moron did it anyway. Well, tried to.)

Our garden is coming along really nicely!

We've had to water it a lot, since we're in a severe drought. But it's been paying off!


You know what else we found in the back yard?

A poor little orphaned kitten! Apparently the mom of the other kittens that are now mostly grown (and still living under the house) had more kittens. But this one she didn't want, and had put him in the shed out back (she had 3 more under the house - we just saw them for the first time yesterday). When I came back from Tennessee, I went out into the backyard to check the garden, and this little guy came crying and running up to me. I ran to the store, bought some kitten formula, and we've been taking care of him ever since! He was tiny and so hungry. Right now he's living in the garage until we can get his shots done, and then we'll start introducing him to Poe & Loki.

His name is Samson! He's so sweet and purrs all the time. He's yellow and has blue eyes. :) And he's growing like a weed!

Say hello Samson!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and emails. We really appreciate your kindness.

Noel is still back east, taking care of all the paperwork that comes up. I'm back in Texas after spending a week in Tennessee with Noel and his family.

Noel and the rest of his family are doing well and coping with the loss.

Thanks again, and we'll start posting again soon.