Monday, September 28, 2009

April 2009 - Our litte house and more inside pics

Here's our little home away from home! (Wait - we take it with us, so it's not really away from home. It's just home!):

I know a lot of you are curious about how we stuff so much into this RV and don't suffocate under my fabric stash or kitten food or whatever. I took some pictures of various storage spots so you can get an idea of what it's like.

Here's my closet, all packed up (note sewing machine in bottom corner - it's tight in there!):

Under the sofa is also jammed with the following: yarn, quilts in progress, quilting hoop, fabric, foam stuffing, at least 1 cat. (Cat not visible in this picture):

Speaking of kitties, ours have taken to this lifestyle quite well. Poe has a blue collar, Loki is in the red. Here they are enjoying their first dinner in the new house (See? They look perfectly at ease!):

The Tale of The Poe Cave

Poe tends to be a bit skittish, and on the first night here at the campground we couldn't find him. We looked everywhere and I was starting to panic. I thought maybe he had found some escape route somehow and was out in the wilderness with the bats and feral cats and yes, wild pigs! After a few minutes of diligent searching inside the RV, Noel scrunches down into the passenger seat floorboard and, looking up at the bottom of the dashboard, asks me for a spatula. I go get one, totally confused at his request, until he jabs the spatula up into the dashboard. At which point we're rewarded with a low growl. Somehow, Poe has found a way INSIDE the dashboard of the RV! We try to get him out but with no luck, until Noel thinks to remove the tv which is situated in the middle of the dash. He takes it out, and we see this:

There are no open wires in the dashboard, no way for him to get outside of the RV, and he can come and go as he pleases into what we now call the Poe Cave. Scared me to death though, that night!

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