Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why, Hello There!

Long time no typing!

So there have been a lot of things going on here, and I haven't updated because we've been busy AND well, no internet. You know. No complaining.

First of all, Noel is back! He went to Corpus Christi for a week to work, and the job finished earlier than anticipated. So he's back! And we're very happy about it! 2 months is too long to be apart.

The irony being that he came home the weekend I had taken a trip to visit my dear friend Lisa in Pittsburgh!

(Yes, we did have wine & chips & queso dip for dinner. So what?)

Anyway, I do have pictures of Pittsburgh, and because I have a good internet signal (since I'm not at home right now), I'm going to do some major photo uploading. Yay!

This was my first visit ever to Pittsburgh, and I was really surprised! It's really different than I expected - I thought it would be a dirty industrial town, but it's full of parks, trees, and statues. Very pretty!

Beautiful foliage too!

Lisa took me to see some of the lovely classrooms at the University of Pittsburgh - they're all painted and decorated in the styles of different countries and cultures. As is my habit, I took pictures of the ceilings. Of course I did. Things in Sky.

Here's the Swedish room:

The Hungarian room:

The Greek room:

And the Irish room, which had gorgeous stonework:

Lisa's neighborhood is also very pretty:

I like her kitchen. Very Star Wars!

Here's Maddy (she and I took a nice long walk one day):

And Anna, sticking her tongue out at me:

We went to see the chapel on the campus too. Gorgeous!

And it had such impressive windows. I've never seen such tall windows!

Lisa, who knows me better than just about anyone on the planet, took me to the Carnegie museum. Because she loves me. First stop? She took me to the room that had this stuff in it:

Did I mention she loves me?

There was some awesome stuff there, like this smiling Virgin Mary & Jesus. So cheerful!

This guy was a little creepy.

Maybe a LOT creepy.

Look! Voldemort!

And how about this woman? Um...what is she doing?

So that's a quick review of my trip, and now Noel and I are going to go enjoy having dinner together! Thanks so much Lisa, Dennis, Maddy & Anna for a fantastic trip!

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Now *I* want to go visit Lisa!