Monday, July 11, 2011

Hi everyone! Thanks for the offer to take Samson in, Shanna! We're a little worried to even try - he likes to scratch & bite, and we're working on breaking him of it. He's doing better, but he's stilla smidge vicious!

Although you can't tell it by this picture:

So cute. And also apparently very tough. :) Poe & Loki are getting used to him, which is good.

But we do plan to visit Austin!

My work colleagues and I went out to lunch recently at a neat Vietnamese sandwich & noodle house in Houston. So tasty! Also, the interior was awesome!

It's a wall sculpture built out of 2 x 4 boards. Very cool!

Anyway, life here is good - full of kittens and Vietnamese sandwiches. And very limited rain. We have had a little bit of precipitation, but the drought here is still very bad. Our little garden is doing ok though - it's starting to get so hot that the garden is fading fast. That's ok though - we'll be planting a fall garden too!

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