Sunday, September 11, 2011

Idyllic Images of Farm Life (minus cow poo smell)

So today I thought I'd post some pictures of life on the farm.  Just because.  Shannon, don't tell Chris.  :)

The kitties that live outside on the porch are growing like weeds!  They love to nap inside this cauldron that we planted with some elephant ears.  I guess it's cool inside it?  Anyway, you can barely see, but the gray cat is hiding there behind the plants. 

We also figure that this is exactly what Samson is going to look like when he gets a little older.  It may not take much longer though - he's already up to 6 pounds!  He's a beast.

So the 2nd garden of the season is planted and ready to grow! 

We have corn, squash, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and sugar snap peas (they're just coming up).  I had difficulty last time with the tomatoes - we got here so late in the spring that I just planted the seeds straight into the ground, instead of growing them into seedlings first.  Well, this time we planned ahead, so I managed to start all of these plants by seed.  We have 12 tomato plants!  Too bad I don't eat tomatoes.  But Noel does.  And my coworkers have already asked for some too.  :)

Here's a view from the front porch.

And then sometimes, the cows decide to pay us a close-up visit.  This is why we have to keep the gates closed all the time.  The grass is greener on the other side, perhaps?

So that's life on the farm for this weekend.  If only you had smell-o-vision, you could get the full Smell of Nature effect.  Aren't you disappointed?  :)


Wilma said...

We're farm folk too. Husband always said that odor was the smell of money...

Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

Took me a min to find the gray cat. Funny