Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Texas Bluebonnet season!

There are a tremendous numbers of wildflowers blooming right now - so pretty! I guess because the drought was so bad last year, nature is trying to make up for it this year by dumping as much pollen as possible into the atmosphere.  The plan is working!  Everything is making us sneeze.  :)

A few weeks ago,  I helped as a dresser & emergency seamstress at the Ms. Pasadena Senior pageant.  It was awesomely fun!  There were 11 contestants, and I helped them by sewing hems, fixing sleeves, and actually sewing one lady into her evening gown, a la Marilyn Monroe.  :)  They were so sweet - it was really fun. 

Here are our winners:

They competed in a talent competition, life philosophy, and evening gown competition. 

Previous winners came as well.  The lady standing here is last year's winner. 

So it was a great experience!  I hope to help again next year.

What else is going on in our lives?  Noel is working in Trinidad and will be there for the next 6 months.

April Fools!  :)

He's here!  He got back from his job in NYC on Wednesday of last week, and we've been busy driving all over Houston looking at the house we're in the process of buying!

No April Fools!  We really are in the process of buying a house!  I don't want to say much more about it because I'm afraid of jinxing the process, but it's an AWESOME house and Noel got to see it today for the first time and loves it!  We're so excited to be moving into our very own house, and while we might miss the farm some (and little Winston), we will NOT miss the commute, nor the flies, nor the 45 minute drive to the vet, nor the cow pooty so graciously plopped next to the car doors. 

Obviously we will keep everyone posted as we go through the process!!

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