Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Cometh!

Hello everyone!  Autumn is coming soon and I am excited!  It means that festival time in Texas is starting up, and so is baking time!

Things here are going well - we've been very busy, as you hopefully can imagine.  We went last weekend to a rodeo (just a small one) and the weekend before, we went to see this exhibit (called Bodies Revealed).  Here's a link to some images of the exhibit - we weren't allowed to take pictures.  Warning though, these are not for the squeamish!  This exhibit is a medical demonstration of cadavers that have been preserved with silicon and then dissected to show different parts of the body.  It was EXTREMELY cool:

Other things that have gone on:  my Mom came for a visit, we planted our new fall garden (so far so good!), I'm working on some new writing projects, and I'm also transferring into a new position at my company.  We were acquired by a larger company and my position was going to be eliminated.  Thankfully though, another department happily snatched me up to work with them.  So I'll be doing the same type of thing, but in a more clinical/"nurse-y" way.  Very exciting!

So other than that, the kitties are doing great, the house is looking wonderful.  Here are some pics of the decorating so far!  Here is our living room fireplace.  Noel made the fireplace screen out of a metal room divider that he cut down artistically to size and then painted it black.  He mounted it over the fireplace hole to keep the kitties out of it. 

The metal sculpture above is actually brick red, hard to see in this picture.  Below that are the Day of the Dead skulls I collected every time I went to El Paso.  Hola, El Paso!!

And you may not remember our ratty (literally - the mice had eaten holes in it) yellow velvet couch.  We moved it multiple times and finally finished reupholstering it.  It looks great, if I do say so myself!  :)

Love love love it! 

So this coming weekend is another festival, this time one with Scottish Highland games.  Awesome.  And also it's the first day of Autumn on Saturday, which means Autumn Fest!  YUM!

Ok, so I'd type more but there's not one but TWO kitties sitting on me right now and they make it hard to type.  Ta ta for now!

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