Friday, July 23, 2010

Sayonara & Send Off

Today's the last day of Katie's visit. We've had busy and fun time - we went to the Biltmore Estate last weekend. We toured the house (I posted pics of the house a while back when we went with Mom) and this time decided to explore the grounds a bit more. They have a new area built out of the original horse barn that hosts a living history museum. We saw a blacksmith at work, some bluegrass singers, and a farm where you could go check out animals. I petted the sheep. Of course. They also had some really fab roosters:


We also did some sight-seeing around the area in Tennessee where Noel grew up, and where I snapped this pretty church steeple.

Thing In Sky!

Katie has had an eventful trip. She's learned to sew, crochet, drive a car, and make banana pudding. Oh yeah, and garden!

We've had some success with the cucumbers.

A LOT of success. This was what we picked today alone - a total of FORTY-THREE cucumbers.

We're considering hosting a Cucumber Eating Contest. Otherwise I don't know how we'll get through all of these!

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