Monday, January 31, 2011

Pictures! Yay!

Ok, it's time for some pictures! I haven't put any up in a little while, so here we go:

First off, a picture from a few weeks ago, showing the results of cabin fever and constant Butt-on-couch-itis. This is our driveway after a foot of snow fell, and I decided that I WAS going to get out of the house. It took me 2 1/2 hours to dig my car out and salt the driveway so I could gain precious freedom.

Also? It's not easy shoveling snow with a dirt shovel. Although the broom helped some too. But needless to say, I could hardly move for 2 days afterwards. But oh, sweet freedom.

It's been warmer the last few days, so today while out running errands, I took a few minutes to walk around a bird sanctuary at Beaver Lake, in Asheville. (It was cloudy today, so these pictures don't have a lot of color to them - sorry!)

There were some gorgeous trees.

With really cool roots.

And amazing bark.

Last weekend I broke my own fabric probation (yes, I know, I know). However. I found some fabulous medium-weight polyester from...oh....probably about the time I was born. 1 1/2 yards, and it was only $1! How could I possibly pass this up! See? It's so Sonny & Cher, I couldn't stand it.

It's awesome. You know what else is awesome? Sewing help of the feline variety.

I had to make some alterations, basically morphing 2 patterns into a dress. Here's the sleeve in progress:

And the final dress! This is a terribly unflattering picture, and doesn't show the dress well. Maybe when Noel gets back from TX (or when I go to visit) he can get a picture that shows it better. It's a simple dress with a V-neck, and the sleeves are slit on the outsides from the shoulder to the wrist. Very retro!

And all for $1! (Say it with me: "Can't beat it with a stick!") Pass the cosmos.

What else have we been doing here lately? Well, frankly, with Noel in TX working, life is pretty dull. I've been looking for jobs too, and doing a lot of sewing and knitting and writing and such. Oh, and handling The Adventure of the Dried Basil Leaf That Poe Tried to Eat. Speaking of, here's a pic of Poe when he came home from the vet!

(p.s. He normally doesn't look so surly, but getting a good picture of this cat is like getting a good eyes-open picture of the Loch Ness monster.)

He had to have a catheter, so they had a little bandage on his leg. This came off soon after we got home, because he kept chewing at it. He now has a little bald spot on his leg, but it's growing fur back quickly.

Also, he and Loki are chasing each other around the house, so he's obviously feeling back to his old self again. We are thankful. :)

What else have these guys been doing? Jostling for territory on my legs, while I listen to audio books and knit. Actually, in this pic I think we're watching tv.

Oh, and Loki's been doing a lot of this:

And this (This one cracks me up - he looks like Garfield collapsing from a Nap Attack. Can he breathe? Does he care?):

And this:


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