Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finally!! An Update.

I am finally taking some time to update this here blog. With pictures!

So my job is going very, very well. Cima commented that I haven't actually told what my job is. Well, I am a trainer for a Medicare Advantage insurance company. We partner with physicians & hospitals to help medicare patients get better healthcare. I am the trainer for the company, and my job is to design & deliver training and professional development classes for our employees - things like new hire orientation, communication skills, and leadership competencies. I'm their only trainer in Texas, so I'll be doing some traveling to places like San Antonio & El Paso. I was in Ft. Worth last week, actually! They don't have a training program, so I'm designing it from the ground up. Very cool! Here's my building - Thing In Sky! (my office is on the 13th floor)

The farm is doing well too, although the garden isn't growing as fast as we'd like. We think we weren't watering it enough. We're now soaking & fertilizing it on a daily basis. in other farm news, we have 2 new neighbors! 2 calves who are being weaned. I've tried very hard not to get attached to the cows in the field. They are beef cows, after all. But with these two, I couldn't resist.

Meet Cletus:

(We fear that Cletus is actually a girl.)

And Winston:

How cute!

Our little town, Sealy, is very cute. A few weeks ago they had a little festival and quilt show. Locals brought out their old quilts for display. There were some really pretty ones, like this red work quilt (white quilt with red embroidery):

This embroidered quilt was just beautiful, and very old:

I loved this Hawaiian style quilt. Very vibrant colors and lots of applique:

This past weekend we drove into downtown Houston for a trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences. It had some really....sciency parts. A Hall of Chemistry. Yawn. Also? Noel and I cracked up at the painfully obvious sponsorship of the energy display, "Oil Makes The World Go Round." What do you think? Exxon or ConocoPhillips?

Despite the few funny/boring parts, they had some really cool stuff there. We liked the Hall of the Americas, which had displays of native peoples from the Inuit in Alaska all the way to the ancient Maya! Very cool. I couldn't take any pictures in there though. Sorry!

They had some neat murals:

And dinosaurs! In Sky!


They had a neat gallery of minerals, including this gorgeous opal:

Then the next room over was a gallery of jewelry. REAL jewelry. Emerald tiara, anyone?


How about a sapphire necklace?

Rachel, here's a peridot necklace. Gorgeous!!

My favorite though, was this stunner of an amethyst necklace:


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