Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates & Squash!

So many pictures! And it's bedtime, so I'd better just upload them:

Guess where I went the other day!?

IKEA!! I love it there. I bought some things, but they're secret. :)

Our garden was looking yellow and sad. We were told by several locals to water like we were trying to drown everything, and also fertilize like crazy. And it worked!

We even have several baby squash, and a tiny little tomato! Slow start to the garden, but hopefully we'll get some good stuff out of it. By the way, those tomato plants are purchased - mine didn't quite make it from seeds. Oh well. The pepper plants are coming up slowly but nicely, the okra too (although the bugs are eating the leaves badly!), and the corn makes me very proud. Yay!

In our back yard, we have a persimmon tree. I've never eaten a persimmon, but I'd love to try one. Here's a baby one:

Now, as we've discussed, Texas is a proud place. That's why you see things like this:

And on the back of this HEB truck? A Texas shaped T-bone steak:

Wonder if it tastes like mesquite?

Now, this western style thing is great and all, but um...I kinda have to draw the line when I go the bathroom and see this:

And your moment of black cat cuteness, Cats In Tub:

And yet they hate baths.


Cima said...

Persimmons are WONDERFUL! They used to grow wild all over the place in the hills when I was growing up in Southern Calif. But, make sure they are very ripe (soft) before you eat one...under-ripe is bitter!
Needless to say, I love pic of Black Cats in Tub!

Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

Do you still have the stray kitties?

Kelli + Noel said...

The persimmons are growing! We're excited!

And yes, we do still have the stray kitties and they're doing great - we may actually have more now. The mom looked like she had swallowed a grapefruit until yesterday. Now she's suddenly thin again. We don't know where the babies are though!