Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Very Own Slice of Town!

We went sight-seeing to a nearby city called Brenham last weekend, and lucked out! They were having a German heritage festival, complete with local cloggers:

And lederhosen!

It was a gorgeous day, so we took a walk downtown, around their historic square and courthouse, and saw some fantastic vintage cars:

This Bel Air had an awesome interior:

And this truck had a stylin' grill.

Love the complicated mechanics that went into their restoration too.

There was a gorgeous house in Brenham too. I think it's a bed & breakfast.

Know what else is cute? Little panda cookies from China!

On the way back, Noel took me by a place had found that he thought I'd enjoy (that he said kinda creeped him out a little, to be honest). Welcome to....Kelliwood!

And literally the next neighborhood over? Nottingham Country!

Wild, huh? Noel thinks they should award me an honorary home there (which would be nice - it's a high dollar neighborhood!) :)

Time for a Farm Animal Update!!

Noel decided to try befriending some of the natives:

Meet Agnes and Blanche, the farm's guard donkeys!

Now, some people might assume that it would be the bull's responsibility to protect the herd. That's not necessarily the case. Although you wouldn't know it when you see 2 bulls staring each other down on either side of the road. It's the donkeys who do a lot of the alarm-sounding and kicking.

(Speaking of, we saw some coyotes the other day! )

Anyway, we do have a big HUGE bull on the farm. I named him Brad, but we found out from the landlord that he already had a name. So now I'd like to introduce you to....

Brad. Wilson. (Hey Brad! I cracked up when we found out his real name!) :)

He's a hefty piece of cow. Seriously, this guy is ALL MUSCLE. We don't mess with him. Obviously.

And in indoor animal news, I did some sewing the other day, and got a tremendous amount of help from Poe when cutting out the pattern:

How did I ever sew without him?

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