Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lions & Tigers &.....Tapirs?

Last weekend Noel and I went sightseeing in downtown Houston. It might surprise people to know that downtown Houston actually has some very pretty areas - lots of trees, parks, fun architecture, and neat little neighborhoods.

We didn't go there to see the architecture though. Where did we go?

The Houston Zoo! Isn't it pretty? This is the reflection pool in the middle of the zoo.

It's a nice zoo - not too huge, but impressive exhibits. They had lots of fun stuff there, like poison dart frogs!

And seriously scary birds. This is a SCARY BIRD, y'all. It was huge, red eyes, and a massive beak. I think it might have been a pterodactyl.

There were white rhinos!

(Note: this is only one of the many pictures of rear ends that I managed to take. I don't know why every animal in that zoo wanted to show me their backsides. I started to take it personally.)

So cute - these are red pandas!

There were playful otters:

And just for you Rachel - a tapir! (And its rear end).

Here's the meerkat sentry - looking for danger!

Ok - snake phobic people, close your eyes. Here are some pretty green snakes:

And a not so pretty and extremely scary poisonous puff adder:


Oh! Flamingos!! I love them. They're fabulous!

Here are some cows. Now, before you say "Um, Kelli, you guys have cows in your front yard," let me point out that these guys have HUMONGOUS HORNS. We think they might have mixed these with the cows we got pictures of a few years ago (the ones who could hardly lift their heads up!)

How do they carry those things around? Do they have headaches?

Here is an African Wild Dog:

And here are two sleepy cheetahs:

You might notice a theme here - it was HOT that day. Hot and sleepy.

Ok, here are my favorite pictures though. Elephant babies!!! (And elephant baby 'tocks).

A white gator! (He's fabulous too).

A sleepy cougar. Gorgeous!

Jellyfish! I love jellyfish. They're just amazing to me. This picture isn't upside down - they're swimming that way:

These are moon jellyfish. This picture turned out really cool - psychedelic!

So that was our trip to the zoo! We have lots more pictures to show from the past week or two, but I didn't want to put them all in one post!

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