Sunday, October 23, 2011

My  mom came to visit last week!  She hadn't really ever spent any time in Texas (just passing through Amarillo once years ago), so there was a lot to experience.

We had a really nice time - we saw a LOT.  We went to the riverwalk in San Antonio, we drove through some beautiful farm country, and (needless to say) we went fabric shopping.

One really cool thing we saw was the Austin County Fair.  It was the first Texas fair either of us had ever been to.  They had livestock shows and auctions.  We were blown away by the auctioneers.  How can these guys possibly talk this fast?  (I remembered that my camera takes videos - yay!)

They also had a rodeo!  Mom really wanted to go, and I hadn't been before, so why not?  I have to say though, I was worried about the animals getting hurt, and kept my eyes closed during the portions when they roped calves and such.

The barrel racing was really impressive. 

My favorite part of it was definitely the bronco and bull riding.  These people are INSANE.

How can they even WALK after that?  That's....impressive.  And crazy. 

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