Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays, for several reasons. 

#1 - Costumes!!  I love making costumes and dressing up and being goofy.  I am going to post pictures of costumes that I made for this year (both for my nieces and myself).  It's fun to wear something totally random and pretend to be someone else.  My nieces this year were a princess and a mermaid.  And I was the flu.  Yes, there are pictures.

#2 - Scooby Doo cartoons on TV.  Yay!  Scooby Doo = proof that all evil in the world is just a bunch of bored robot-building guys in masks. 

#3 - Halloween is a great holiday for allowing us to poke fun at the things that scare us.  I think this is the real reason that Halloween is such a wonderful and useful holiday.  In folklore, Halloween traditionally is a time when the spirit world is closest to our own.  It's a time to remember fondly those who have gone before us.  And it's a good time to think about our own mortality - the talk of ghosts and scary things that go bump in the night is a way for us to cope with the parts of life that scare us most.  It helps us to not be so scared of the things we don't understand, when we can dress up as scary things and pretend that those things can be understood.  We've lost several people this year, and tonight is a wonderful time to remember them.

So from Noel, me, and the orange and black kitties living in our house, Happy Halloween! 

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