Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BIG Announcement!

Hello everyone! 

Sorry for not blogging for so long, but I can finally make a BIG announcement that has been keeping me really busy:

I am opening up my own professional coaching practice!

Nottingham Personal & Professional Development

I am currently completing my coaching certification program through the Coach Training Alliance (and have been in classes for it since March), and will receive my certification in a month.  I've had the fantastic opportunity at my job to develop and run a coaching program for leaders, and it's going wonderfully.  Now it's time to start taking on additional individual clients!

While I can coach anyone about anything, I specialize in working with nurses who want to achieve more in their careers, or find more work/life balance.

Please see my website too!

So if any of you know any nurses (or anyone, for that matter) who are:
  • Stressed out at their jobs,
  • Burning out and thinking of making a career change,
  • Wanting some guidance or support in reaching a goal, have them give me a call!

Coaching can be done over the phone!

(Also, now that this is officially announced, I can start blogging again!)

Happy August, everyone!!

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