Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sooooo...Bob Vila I Am Not.

We had visitors a few weeks ago - Noel's daughter Katie and his sister Brittney:

We had a great visit - we went out to the Kemah boardwalk and took in some sun (and, needless to say in Houston in summer, humidity). 

And we got up early one morning to go to the zoo.  However, I forgot to take pictures except for this one:


One of the most fun things we did (in my humble opinion) was go tubing down the Comal River.  Lazy days, folks, and really nice.  You rent an inner tube and float for 2 hours under swaying trees and puffy clouds.  Did I take pictures?  No.  Why?  Because we were sitting in tubes for 2 hours in the middle of a river, and cameras + river = potential disaster.  Next time any of you are in Texas, we'll go back.  We loved it!

We also went to San Antonio.  Next time any of you are in Texas, we'll go to San Antonio!  :)  It's one of our very favorite places in Texas - so pretty!  I've put pictures of S.A. on here before, so I didn't bother to take very many, but we did capture Katie getting into the spirit of Texas. 

Don't Forget The Alamo! Or the salsa. 
Katie, this should be your yearbook photo.  Seriously.  

There also might have been some video hunting.  Because...Texas. 

 They headed back already, and Noel and I settled back into regular day to day life, including doing some home improvement projects!



Ok, so let me explain.  We haven't been feeling the love from the ceiling fan in the bedroom (ie. it is STUFFY in there compared to the rest of the house), and I thought maybe it was because that little switch thing on the side was flipped the wrong way.  So the air is going up?  Instead of down?  Or something?  So Noel pulled the cord on the ceiling fan and then went to brush his teeth.  He asked me if it had slowed down yet.  And so I decided to try to stop it.  With a small blanket I had crocheted for the cats. we get to buy a new ceiling fan. 

You should see me work on cars!

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