Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is There A Doctor In The House?

This weekend I'll be going on a road trip to Charlottesville, VA to see my sister graduate! She just finished her doctorate.

Congratulations, Dr. Miller! :)

So since this is a big occasion and all, I need a new dress. Haven't had a new frock in a long time. (Don't you love that word? Frock. FROCK. It looks weird the more you type it). And since I'm on a self-imposed fabric probation, I decided to see if I could make a dress out of what I already had. It's not finished yet, but it's about halfway done at this point (not bad, considering I started it today!). I'll finish it up tomorrow. Want a sneak peek? Here's the fabric:

Fabulous, no? And also good for hiding sweat, which will probably be an issue, seeing as it's supposed to be warm and rainy (ie. Muggy Panamanian Jungle) this weekend.

Speaking of fashion and other such Important Things, I have a pair of shoes that are adorable - they're maryjane Danskos, which are super-cute, but I can't really wear them without socks. When it's pants weather, that's no problem, but when it's skirt weather....well, skirt + socks + maryjane shoes = dorky woman who wants to look like a prepubescent school girl. Not good.
Thus far, I've relegated these shoes to the fall and winter seasons for this reason. I thought about it a bit, if only I could find some cute socks that were like little footies, I could wear the shoes with skirts. If only I could find some little socks.....if only...........

Ding. (That's the sound my brain makes after about 4 weeks of staring the obvious in the face.)
I am a knitter. Who enjoys making socks. Huh. Unfortunately, there are no patterns for these little footie socks, so I made one up. I'll be debuting them this weekend as well. Hope they work!

Here's a picture of the finished one (the other is still on the needles). Please note Poe couldn't bear not being in these pictures.

One of my dear readers, Cima, has requested a play-by-play on the veggie garden. I promise I will do this! My wonderful Aunt Betty, who lives down the road from the house we're renting, has a huge garden and promised that we could use some of it. It's been really rainy here though, so we'll have to wait til the ground isn't so soggy. I promise that we'll have lots of pictures though! I love growing things from seeds. Some people say it's the hard way, but there's something so magical about this little pebble, placed in the ground and watered, and life comes out of it. Such a miracle, but something that's so easy to take for granted.

In other news, an article I wrote finally got posted online. This one is more geared toward the ladies, since it's about my reduction surgery:
(Of course, if any of you guys are interested about breast reduction surgeries, read away. But I promise, it's really not as titillating as you think it might be. Pun intended.)


CMG's Mom said...

What an exciting weekend...and you get to meet...ME! Awesome, huh?

Kelli & Noel said...

Yes, I AM excited to meet you! :)

CMG's Mom said...

Me too...Finally! And it looks like we'll be twins, although I cheated and bought my dress....

Rachel said...

I can't wait for you and your fabulous dress and your fabulous socks to arrive here TOMORROW. I'm thrilled that you're coming to celebrate the weekend with me. I'm SO EXCITED!!

And I'm glad you and LF will finally get to meet. I talk about both of you to the other all the time. Now you'll both now that the other really does exist.