Monday, May 10, 2010

News! And Geese!

So! I apologize for neglecting the poor blog recently. We've had some new developments that have been taking up a lot of our time.

First, let me say we're having a nice time here, and the weather is a very pleasant change from what we've normally dealt with both in Texas and Savannah. Today, for example, was chilly - the temperatures didn't get out of the 60s! Granted it's a cold front coming through, but it's better than a Savannah cold front of 87. ha.

We visited a great Mexican restaurant in the cute town of Spruce Pine, NC last week. We went there a few months ago and it was SOOOO good, we had to go back. Seriously, this was one of the best Mexican restaurants we've ever visited. So we went back, and Noel ordered the Burrito Tejano (with steak, chicken, and shrimp). This is the biggest burrito I've ever seen:

I had two smaller steak burritos. YUM. Also, I was proud of myself because I actually ordered my food in Spanish. No reason why I get nervous speaking it (I only studied it for SEVEN YEARS) but I hesitate sometimes. Anyway, we will be back.

Saturday was my Mom's birthday, and she hosted a party at her house for 40 friends & families (not including herself!). We had bbq sandwiches and all the fixin's, including a big bowl of my banana pudding. She had made 5 roasts worth of bbq pork - there were no survivors. If it's one thing my family can do, it's eat. We had a great time though, visiting with everyone and joking around. Noel did very well dealing with all the new faces, and charmed the whole group. :)

My mom has a pretty garden by her house and I took some pictures of it before the party started:

And here's your weekly Baby Goose update: they're still really cute.

There's one pair of geese who feel a need to repopulate the entire riverbank, apparently, because we counted 14 chicks of various ages waddling around with them:

And here's a closeup! Hee hee. I love them.

And now for the big news! We've decided for several reasons (weather, Noel's kids, furniture molding in our storage unit, etc.) that we're going to rent a house here for a little while. That way, since we figured we'd be here for longer than a few months (since this is a longer-term job for Noel) we can spread out a bit!

We've been looking at multiple homes in the area for a reasonable rate (and that will accept our two fuzzy compatriots!) for several weeks now. A lot of the homes around here are either skanky or extremely expensive. Luckily enough my Aunt Betty knew of a nice house right across the road from her. The funny thing is, we've seen this house before and thought it was adorable. We had actually said to each other "why can't THAT little house be for rent?" Ha! Funny how the universe works.

I went through it today, and thought it was so cute. So I went ahead and took it. Noel and I are going back to look over it tonight, and we'll start planning to move in on June 1. We're excited. Why wouldn't we be? How cute is this?:

I can have a garden! And we can have a fire ring outside (the fireplace inside has been converted for a heater). It has a big porch that wraps around one side, a cute little attic room, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, etc. The yard is so nice, and it's a nice quiet area. And it's only a few miles off the interstate, so it's convenient for Noel to get to work. And I can have a sewing room again. We're excited. :)

Also? The cats aren't going to know what to do with themselves, with that much room to run around! We may have to try to break them in slowly, keeping them shut into the bedroom for a day or two so they don't freak out so much.

We're also glad to finally get able to get our stuff out of storage. We've been very worried about our furniture, books, and clothes in a storage unit in Savannah, because HELLO - humidity. Even though there's supposed to be climate control in this unit, it's not really easy to extract the moisture out of the air when it's 96 degrees out with 90% humidity. There was mold on some of the items after only a few months of being in the unit (we checked) but we had no choice but to leave our stuff there. We figure we may have to reupholster quite a bit of our furniture, but that could be a fun project too!

Anyway, that's our news. Exciting stuff!

Now, before you all ask: NO, we are not getting rid of the RV. We aren't planning to stay here forever. We had talked about longer term jobs when we first got underway - originally we thought we'd be in 1 place for 4 to 6 months, instead of 2 weeks at a time! So this is just a little bit of a change, a slightly more extended time in one spot, but still not permanent.
And while I had some initial misgivings about being back in the place I was raised, simply because I crave novelty, there is novelty to be had - we're in a different town (Mars Hill), and it's close enough to new towns like Spruce Pine, Hot Springs, and Burnsville, places that I'm not familiar with. So it should still be an interesting spot. My sister had a unique way of looking at it too: I may be close to where I grew up, but I'm not the same person I was when I was here before. So in a way, it is new - I have new interests and will see things in a different way.
Plus I get to try to grow some cucumbers. :)


Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

That house is awesome! I would love it. And the kitties will be so happy. The little birds are still cute but it doesn't look like they will be much longer.

Cima said...

That house is a definite delight. I've always loved houses with big rocking chair porches...!
And I've definitely always cherished the idea of living in places for just a few months or, at most, few years.
When I was 12 years old, I vowed never to stay in one place for more than 5 years max. Pretty much stuck to that until I came to Savannah...12 years ago!