Sunday, May 2, 2010


Noel and I went to my mom's for dinner on Friday night - grilled steaks. Very tasty!

On Saturday, after perusing some pretty pathetic yard sales ("3 family yard sale" and it had 1 piece of furniture and a box of books? HUH?) we decided to go out for the evening and play some pool!

We found a little pool hall in Asheville that ended up being a private club, but we joined for a whopping $2 membership fee. This is my kind of club. :) We played a handful of games and then wanted to check out a "celtic" pub in Asheville, Jack of the Wood. I had only been there once before, years ago, and frankly it was disappointing. The cover charge was outrageous (they had a band playing, so that was the justification), it was crowded, and we finally found a table, waited for a while for a waitress to show, only to be told "Oh sorry! The kitchen just closed!" Sigh. The band was great, I'll give them that.

Anyway, we stayed for a little while, then decided to take a walk around the downtown area. For those of you who've never been to Asheville, the downtown has been reborn over the past 10 years or so into a yuppie/rich hippie/artiste haven (the smug cloud over the city is now almost as bad as Boulder's, but I digress). We were walking along through the area with all these new shops and restaurants, when we heard a strange sound:

People yelling. And Whump Whump Whump sounds. We look up the road, only to see what can best be described as a mob: at least 30-40 people, all dressed in black, were marching down the middle of the street, yelling and throwing things at the storefronts along the way. They filled the street from side to side, and were clearly out of control. We realized this was not a scene we wanted to get involved with, so we walked quickly toward the car. They were behind us, but were walking the same way we were going. Thankfully we had no problem staying ahead of them, so we got in the car and drove to the only place where we could go to calm ourselves down: Waffle House.

Anyway, when we got up this morning, we checked the news to see what the deal was with these people. Apparently they were doing some kind of protest for socialism and worker's rights. So they destroyed the storefronts of people trying to make a living. And random people's cars. Um...this helps your cause how, exactly?

Stupidity should be painful.

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