Monday, February 28, 2011

Big News!!

Hi everyone! We have big news today!

I was offered the job in Houston and have accepted it! I start on March 21st.

So this week is Frantic Packing Week. Noel is still in Houston working, so the cats and I are packing up the house. Noel feels horrible that he can't be here to help, but I told him that he can unpack everything. LOL

Seriously though, it's interesting to see how much crap you can collect in a house within a year. It's even MORE interesting to see how much crap you actually move from one house to another. I've got a ton of magazines that for some reason I have been hanging onto for at least a year, some for several years. Now, granted, they may have pretty stuff in them, they may have neato recipes, but how often do you look through older magazines that have been sitting on your shelf for ages? Um...never. So I got rid of them.

Why pack it, if you don't use it?


We'll have more news very soon about the house we're looking to rent. The one I had listed in a previous blog was already taken. Dang. BUT! Noel found a real keeper today, and he's planning on putting the deposit on it tomorrow. It's going to be really fun. More details later! I don't want to jinx anything. :)


Shanna Mac said...


we'll be so close!!

Kelli + Noel said...

Yes! We'll be neighbors (kinda)! We're going to be living on the west side of Houston, outside of town a bit, so we'll be that much closer too! :)

Shanna Mac said...

come over immediately!!!

good luck with the move. drive safely, and i look forward to seeing you very soon!!!