Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chevys & Beauty Queens!

This past week was an eventful one!  Besides all the regular stuff that we have going on (work, gardening, scooping cat boxes) there were several other fun happenings going on around town.  Noel and I are trying to get out more (instead of being homebodies on weekends and sitting around watching cheesy Syfy movies - this week's choices were about ice tornadoes and some kind of prehistoric glacier dinosaur - nice).

On Thursday, I got to volunteer at the Ms. Pasadena Senior Pageant again - my company sponsors it.  It's always so much fun!  I help out as a dresser and a seamstress if there are any sewing emergencies.  The group of ladies this year had fewer sewing emergencies, but I did get to cut the bangs on one's talent costume wig!  They were a really fun and sweet group.

Here are the contestants after the winner was crowned:

The lady on the left made her outfit - it had lots of embroidery & beading on it, and it took 6 months to make.  Beautiful!
This year I was also more prepared - last year I had my big sewing box and had to lug it around from dressing room to dressing room.  This year, I decided to wear a pin cushion on my wrist, scissors around my neck, and a bag on my belt with safety pins & thread in it.  Much easier to manage!
Also, can I take a second to say how much I love Weight Watchers?  I've lost over 47 lbs already.  Go Team!
(Also, self portraits like this are not as easy as they seem - I couldn't figure out where to look!)
So that was Thursday night.  On Saturday, we went to the Chevy & Corvette Expo in Houston, and while Noel and I neither one are huge Corvette fans, we did see some cars we loved.
This was Noel's favorite:

And this one was mine:

It was amusing that they had so many new cars there, but we both favored the stylish old ones.  They just don't make cars with that much flair anymore.  Sigh...

Today was really rainy this morning, but it cleared out a bit in the afternoon, so we went for a walk at the park near our house.  For those of you stuck in snowy misery, know that there is hope.  Spring is starting to pop out!

It won't be long now til the mosquitoes appear!


Shannon Haar said...

Holy cow! Great job on the weight loss. Chris and I need to do that.

Kelli + Noel said...

Thank you!! Overall it's been a pretty simple program to follow - once you decide to do it! :) I have moments when I crave stuff, but with WW you can eat it, you just have to track that you did. I'm excited about it. :)