Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter everyone!  May your chocolate bunnies be plentiful and your Easter eggs not stinky.

Around here in east Texas, things are already blooming beautifully (thus the mad rush on allergy meds at the grocery store). 

This part of Texas is known for our state flower, the bluebonnet.  They're beautiful, and this past weekend, Noel and I took a scenic drive up to Brenham to see them.

We were not disappointed!

They grown in massive patches, often on the sides of the road.  So everyone pulls over and joyfully plops their unsuspecting (and soft, fleshy) children in the middle of the flowers, unaware that someone else enjoys bluebonnet patches.


So, I didn't see any snakes.  Noel pulled over on the side of the road while I jumped out to snap these quick pictures.  Our conversation went like this:

Noel:  Be careful.  Don't go into them.

Kelli:  I won't!  I just...want...(tiptoeing toward flowers) get a better angle.

Noel:  Kelli, seriously.  Don't get in them.

Kelli:  I'm not!  I'm just strategically squatting NEAR them.

Noel:  If you get bitten by a snake on the butt...

Kelli:  I'm not going to get bitten!  I'm not going to get close enough to any snakes!

Noel:  Remember the moose?

Kelli:  Ok, fine.  I'm getting in the car.

(Reference to moose - once on a trip to New England I saw a moose, and instead of staying safely in the car like every other tourist taking pictures of said moose, I got out and started stalking the moose.  Which promptly walked away.  Because I have no self-restraint when it comes to animals).

I did get some nice pictures though, moose and snake be damned.

Because it was so pretty out Saturday, Noel and I also went for a photo session at the lake near our house.  I'm working on a new project that will be announced soon, and needed some headshots.

Noel is now considering going pro. 

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