Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time "March"es On! (Ha-cha-cha-cha!)

Happy March!

Author's Note: Please do not be angry with me, People Up North, for the following post about atmospheric warmth and no snow.

March is one of my favorite months - so much potential in March!  Spring officially begins, and life starts to bloom again!

In fact, Noel and I went for a nice walk today around the lake near our house and the trees are already greening and budding out. 

And even though I suffer with allergies (I am allergic to most of Texas), it's still such a wonderful sight to see the bright little bursts of green that are dotting against the sky now.  As I've mentioned before, Houston has a surprisingly large number of trees.  We live near a suburb called The Woodlands (for a good, green reason.  Someone thought ahead and are keeping a huge percentage of it tree-covered).  Noel and I went there several weeks ago to chow down on some delish bangers & mash at the Baker Street Pub.  The area there is so pretty - there's a little creek with walkways on either side, and it's illuminated with lots of tiny lights (and some not so tiny ones!)

So this past weekend we saw some different lights - headlights(You see how I did that awesome segue to the next photos)?
We went to a classic car show and saw some weird and gorgeous cars.  Check out the front end of this beauty!
How did taxi drivers back in the day transport their customers' luggage?  Simple - they put it all in a cutout area in the car itself!  (Seems like you'd lose a lot of luggage this way, but hey!  Kind makes sense.  Also, Mom - does that blue Samsonite luggage look familiar?)
Ok, this next car was a bit mindblowing.  They had apparently painted the car using lace fabric as a stencil on the bumper, hood, around the headlights, all over it!  How neat is this!?  (Don't mind my finger - that artistic choice.)
It's like your car is wearing a little black dress - or stockings!  Oh la la!
So that's been a quick look at some of our recent escapades.  We've also been working in the garden, and I'd take pictures but so far there's not a ton to look at.  Things are just now coming up - as soon as we can start to see stuff, we'll post pictures.  
It got really cold last night though - down to the mid 30s!  We had to cover the baby tomatoes so they'd survive the night.  Noel had pulled out his thick winter coat to go out and work, and Samson decided to help.
Don't mind the demon eyes.  That's his natural look.  :)
I took the opportunity of slightly cold weather to pull out some knitting.  This is the hard thing about knitting in a hot climate - there are only so many hats and arm warmers a person can use.  I'm now debating what I can make for myself that won't involve sweating 10 months out of the year.  Cotton grocery bags?  Cat toys?  (Even though everything I make for them is ignored in favor of a piece of wadded up paper or a twist tie?)  Hammock?  Mosquito Nets?

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