Friday, June 25, 2010

OOops! Sorry for the delay!

We've been sooooo busy here! Saturday we drove to pick up Noel's 3 kids from Virginia - they'll be staying with us for a while this summer.

So this week has been busy with the following:

- Driving to visit Grandpa in Tennessee

- Tournaments on the wii (I am not doing so well)

- Learning more than I ever needed to know about Twilight

- Teaching the older daughter how to sew (she's doing very well!)

- Buying groceries. Repeatedly.

So many hot dogs.

We've been busy doing things with the kids, for example, going up onto scenic overlooks at the interstate between NC and TN:

It really is pretty up there.

Which is good, because it was a HIKE getting up there. I almost thought I wasn't going to make it. Just leave me *gasp* where I drop.

We've also been doing important things like wearing wigs and pretending to be glamourous superstars, etc.

My mom gave us some porch furniture as a housewarming present (and also part barter for some sewing she wants done - I am not averse to pimping out my sewing skills for a rocking chair!). It makes the house look so homey, and also it's great for the evening when it cools down here. Because HELLO, it has been hot. Ugh.

It's been so hot, the poor garden has been suffering. However, there are some things growing, including okra!

And weeds!

Sassmouth cucumbers.

(It was embarrassing though to walk up to the garden and see how bad it looked, pre-weeding. Oy.)
Now we're in the midst of a major heat wave. It's been almost in the 90s here, which ok fine. I hear all of you living in the Savannah/Houston/Mobile ecosystem, saying "WHATEVER - 90 would feel COLD right now."
I would just like to point out that our cute house up there, the little gray one with tomato plant and rocking chairs on porch? Has no air conditioning. So 90 is hot. Sersely.
I have more pictures to post but they're not uploaded right now, and frankly it's hot in my sewing room/office and I'd love to get some fresh, non-sweat-filled air. So this'll have to tide y'all over for now.
Happy cooler weather! (Thankfully we're on the downslope to autumn now - my favorite time of year!)

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Cima said...

What's with all you folks that just love cold weather? I'm content as a bug in a rug (a nice, cosy, warm rug) when the temp is anywhere above 85...the low 80's are okay, but they often mean 60's at night! And I HATE cold nights!