Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekend Review Continued!

Last Saturday night, we went to Spruce Pine to have The Best Burrito On The Planet. When we drove up in front of the restaurant, what a pleasant surprise awaited!

An antique car show, literally outside the door of the restaurant! We ate first (might as well gorge and then walk, right?) and then waddled out to enjoy the automotive sights.

Noel was partial to the trucks. He also really liked the hood ornaments - some looked like planes, some like rockets. Very fun.

This one is an old Studebaker!

And this one was fab - love the color!

Speaking of hood ornaments, that woman up there is not the hood ornament for this truck. Though if you just glance at the picture, it kinda looks like it has a Maltese Falcon on the hood. Which would also be cool. Except everyone would be trying to steal your truck.

Also, this one has a one of a kind gas tank!

Gives new meaning to "getting tanked." HA.

I liked this awesome turquoise and white Bel Air (of course - it's turquoise. Surprise surprise).

And the front of this Edsel is pretty cool too.

I really liked this car too. It' I have no idea what it is. But it's gorgeous!

And check out the fins on it too! I would totally drive this car. While wearing a feather boa and huge rhinestone sunglasses.

And holding one of those long cigarette holders. Not smoking, mind you, just wildly waving the cigarette holder around like Tallulah Bankhead or something.

They just don't make cars like this anymore. I know, I hear some of you out there. "OBVIOUSLY they don't make them anymore. That's why they're 'vintage,' sweetheart." Yes well. That's not what I mean. You just don't see cars that are this Stylish (yes, with a capital S!) coming out of modern car manufacturers. Just look at this dashboard!


Overall though, my favorite of the show was the Metropolitan. Never heard of one? Me either. But just look. LOOK.


Is this not absolutely adorable? It's the car that the Mario Brothers would drive if they only could. Sigh. So now you guys know what to get me for Christmas!

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