Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All's Fair in Love and Knitting!

So as some of you may know, I entered some things into the Madison County Fair, which took place last weekend. I put in my quilt, which (as I related in the last post) had no chance of winning anything. I also entered 6 knitted things, just to see what would happen.

Saturday, we went to the fair to see the action. Sadly, there were no pigs. Noel was very sad. BUT!

There was Rooster Bingo:

We walked around a bit, trying to see what there was to see. Not a ton was on display at the time, except for some cows, sheep, chickens, and horses.

However, excitement was forthcoming in the Arts & Crafts display area!

When we walked in the front door, what greeted us? My quilt!! Hanging on the wall!

I got a few steps into the building before I realized there was something hanging from the quilt, and then squealed when I saw it was a ribbon!!

I had won 3rd place in the hand quilting category!! Can you believe it?

We then went to check out the table with all the knitting on it, and my jaw dropped:

I had won ALL THREE KNITTING RIBBONS. I swept the category! Whoa.

1st place was for a turquoise shrug I made for myself, design by Stefanie Japel.

2nd place was for a baby sweater I made years ago, no idea on the pattern.

3rd place was for a wrap I knit for my mom, pattern by Lionbrand.

SO HAPPY. Poor Noel has had to endure hearing me call myself "blue ribbon knitter" for the past 3 days. Sometimes I call myself BRK for short. ;)

That afternoon was very rainy, so as a Blue Ribbon Knitter I decided to sit for a few moments of quality Blue Ribbon Knitting time on the porch. With a glass of Blue Ribbon Knitter's wine. (see how annoying this gets?)

Nice sittin' spot, huh?

By the way, our porch tomatoes are out of control:

(Held up by Blue Ribbon Knitting yarn, no less).

On Monday, I was able to go pick up my award winning stuff, and went by the fairgrounds. Imagine my surprise when I picked up my quilt, and the yellow ribbon was gone.


And in its place? A bright RED ribbon - they had moved me up from 3rd to 2nd!!!

The quilt originally in 2nd was moved down to 3rd. Not sure why - illegal steroid use?

So, my total tally:

I entered 7 items, and 4 of them won. One 1st, two 2nds, and one 3rd.


In other news, I started my job on Monday and am very much enjoying it. My coworkers are personable and nice, and the work is interesting. Can't ask for anything more!


Cima said...

Congratulations, BRK!

I'm wildly jealous of all your tomato-growing skills! I LOVE tomatoes--until a few years ago, in summer, I had a tomati sandwich for lunch EVERY day for lunch and a tomato-basil salad with dinner. Now I can't eat tomatoes with seeds in them and seedless tomatoes only exist in Orego. Plants can't be shipped. So I ordered lots of seeds last spring and planed, and nurtured, and got big luscious plants that blossomed beautifully and regularly, the blossoms fell off...never to be replaced with a tomato. Not one. ever. on any of my 27 plants.

Rachel said...

Congrats, my BRK sister. But, the most important question I must ask after reading this post has nothing to do with your mad craft or agricultural skillz. No, indeed, I really NEED to know how one plays rooster bingo. Does the rooster do the calling? Do you mark your board with a rooster? And how do you keep the rooster on the right square without him wandering off?

Kelli & Noel said...

Cima, so sorry to hear about your tomato tragedy! I wish we could send you some of ours, before the cold gets them!

Kelli & Noel said...
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