Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1 Saree, 2 Saree, Teal Saree, Blue Saree!

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.  We had a nice one, and a wonderful weekend.  Pictures  will be posted within the next few days.  I did want to go ahead and share the loving, heartfelt card that Noel gave to me for V Day.

This card was accompanied by a bottle of Pyrat Rum, which is fantastic if you've never tried it.  Does this guy know how to charm a woman or what?  He certainly knows me well!  :)

Also, yesterday my other birthday saree arrived!  This one is not as glittery, but it's still quite lovely.  Blue and red this time!


Did I mention how dramatic & gorgeous these outfits are?  They're so feminine and luxurious!  Love love love.
So I wasn't really expecting any other gifts in the mail, and then today was surprised by this fabulous handmade bracelet that my niece sent to me!  Wasn't that sweet?  I put it on right away.  I love the colors and it makes me feel all summery and happy every time I look at it.  Thank you, Audrey!

It's late, so time to hit the hay.  Hope everyone is having a good February so far! 

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