Friday, February 1, 2013

Saree for the Bad Pun. :)

Yay Friday!  We *heart* you. 

We've spent the evening watching MMA (Mixed Martial Arts - for those not in the know, it's where 2 grown men are locked in a big cage and beat the ever-living crap out of each other).  So for those of you who have known me for any period of time, you'll know that (1) I am extremely non-confrontational, and (2) I have a weird (and ironic) violent streak - remember The Rugby Years?  Yeah.

So Noel used to watch MMA when we lived in the motorhome and I just couldn't bring myself to watch it. 

At first.

Here's the weird thing about bloodlust - it sneaks up on you.  So at first, I'd read and just glance over the book at the tv.  Then I'd end up looking more at the tv than the book.  And then I'd start yelling at the guy to KICK HIM AGAIN! 

Then Noel laughed at me, and I had to give up the pretense of feeling too high & mighty to watch people pummel each other as hard as possible for money.  I even have a favorite fighter: Anderson "The Spider" Silva, a Brazilian guy who makes it look way to easy to knock people unconscious with his pinkie finger.  Not a guy to meet in a dark alley, but certainly the guy to walk into a dark alley with

Anyway, so we have since gone to sports taverns to watch pay-per-view fights and while Noel happily munches on nachos and drinks a Shiner Bock, I sit there and yell at them to KEEP YOUR HANDS UP, STUPID all the while knitting.

Because knitting is totally ok to do while screaming at a guy to choke another man to unconsciouness.

Tonight though, there was no knitting, because I was too busy shopping online for my birthday present from Noel!  Guess what he bought for me!?

A saree (also spelled sari)!  Specifically, this one:

How gorgeous is that!?  These are the traditional style of dress in India, and these sarees are actually made there and shipped here.  I'm so excited - I can wear it when we go out to fancy places for dinner.  Yay!  As soon as it gets here I'll take pictures.  I'm so excited!  Thank you, honey!

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