Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy busy busy!

We've been busy as little bumblebees here at Chez Cat Box! Since we'll be here a while, I started looking for jobs myself. Might as well bring in some dough! (The cats go through a lot of kitty treats - 'nuff said!)

Well, the issue is, there are apparently no jobs around here that pay more than Burger King.

No, I will not be flipping burgers. Although I do like to eat burgers. :)

Instead, I've decided to kick up my self-employment and write more! So I'm now spending at about 4 hours a day on writing (and making more than I would at a temp job!)

I've even got my own profile as a contributing writer on hee hee. Funny. I write some really random stuff - but it's paying the bills!

It's going quite well. I also have some other freelance stuff in the works, which I'll tell you more about later (don't want to jinx anything!)

The weather here has been gorgeous and a bit brisk! We've actually had to turn the heat on the last few days, what with the highs being in the 60s and the lows in the 40s! Marvelous. So much better than the mid 80s with 129% humidity that we'd be facing in Texas (or possibly even Savannah!). It's supposed to warm up a bit, but even today was only around 70. Lovely!

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