Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're Still Here!

No worries! I've just been busy with stuff/slacking off on the blog. But I will bribe you into forgiving me by providing pictures! (Hope it works).

My Aunt Shirley & Mom came for a visit a few days ago. They really liked the campground.

We went into Jonesborough to have lunch and look in all the cute little shops there. We saw some fun antique shops, a quilt co-op, and a yarn shop owned by a young woman who spins a lot of the yarn herself out of the wool from her 2 sheep. How cool is that? She also has a knitting night on Friday afternoons, which I will be attending. Yay!

Shirley bought some yarn there, and she came over today so we could have a knitting lesson. She did a great job - caught onto the movements very fast and was already understanding how to fix mistakes and to read her knitting to see where she had stopped. Very good!

So spring is coming here. The trees are just starting to bud out and turn green:

But some plants are already well on their way, like this forsythia and Japanese magnolia.

And these pear trees are really popular around here, for good reason - they're gorgeous!

Noel's been busy working at his job. So far the commute is a bit much. We may end up moving a bit further south to accommodate his drive. I've also been busy writing (TEN articles so far this week!) and doing laundry. I got a lot of help with the laundry:

While uploading these pictures I found a few others that you might find amusing. Here's one of the professional fishermen at the last place we stayed, just south of Knoxville:

Told you guys these fishing types aren't fooling around!

Then while in Jonesborough the other day, I saw this and just cracked up.

HA HA HA HA!! Love it.

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Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

Looks like your kitties are good little helpers like mine. Love the old man.