Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Probing and Lasers!

The cats had a very exciting day of being stuck and probed!

They had their yearly exam at the vet's office, and boy were they MAD at me. But! Vaccinations are important and we needed to make sure they're healthy and that Loki isn't too pudgy. (He's not). We also wanted to make sure Poe wasn't too thin (He's not). Loki now outweighs Poe by almost 2 lbs. Loki takes after me, what can I say? :)

They're both happy and healthy and did a good job at the vet's.

As a reward (and because they're both terribly spoiled), I got them some Greenies treats and what is apparently The Greatest Cat Toy Ever:

A laser mouse!

The cats absolutely LOVE this thing!

It even gets Loki up and running around the house like a wild cat. Can you believe it? This is the same cat who would lay in his own food to eat, just so he wouldn't have to stand up. He was frolicking today! Chasing and hunting! Poe was also zipping around so fast you could hardly see him!

Who knew $3 could buy so much happiness?


Rachel said...

Georgia NEEDS one of those. She and her cousin Poe have the same disposition, it seems.

Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

Those are the greathest things ever. My cat Izzy will be looking for it hours after you stop. I think it is more entertainment for the humans.