Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in Review

Ok, so first of all, Happy Tuesday everyone! Can you believe we're almost halfway through April already? AAAAHHHH.

So let's see...we've been busy here! Friday afternoon I went to knitting night and had a great time! The yarn shop is very cool and the owner spins a lot of the yarn herself off of her own sheep. Neato! We had coffee and cookies and all kinds of chatting. It was soooo nice. I miss my knitting group from Savannah, and it was so enjoyable to get out and hang out with other knitters for a while. Next time? I'll try to remember to take pictures. Oops.

Of course, I did manage to take a totally irrelevant picture of a German Shepherd sitting on top of a truck downtown:

Sorry it's a crappy picture - it was dusk, yadda yadda.

On Saturday, Noel had to work. Which was a shame, because Saturday was Tartan Day in Jonesborough. I wanted him to wear his kilt! Noel's sister was in town though, so she and I went to see it for a little while before she headed home to GA. This was a really small festival - maybe 6 vendor booths, 2 highland cows, 4 sheep, 3 border collies, 4 food booths (including a pastry/shortbread one, which made me very happy. And fat.) There were some men in kilts, and...well...that was about it. Very cute litte festival though, and a gorgeous day.

Which of course you wouldn't know, because I left my camera at home. Sorry! They have more festivals throughout the year though, including Jonesborough Days in July (they're putting out a Call for Crafters - dare I submit some stuff?)

Thankfully, Noel didn't have to work Sunday! We went to Verizon and got me a seriously cool phone, because my old provider, let's call them T-NOT-Mobile, never had a signal. EVER. So I now have a phone that (1) looks like it'll work nicely, and (2) looks super cool and is orange. Schweet!

We also went for a drive on Sunday because it was just so gorgeous!

And lest you all think that all we did for the last few days was gallavant around (ok, all *I* did), oh no, I beg to differ.

On our last long trip, the one getting us here to TN, my closet...died. I had a shoe holder thingie in there, and it gave up the ghost and tore apart and scattered my sundries and garments all over the place. So I got a new one, and proceeded to empty out my closet:

Closet Inspector #1 was soon joined by Closet Inspector #2.

(Do you see now why I have a hard time getting anything done without cat hair being involved?) I did end up with a cleaned out closet though. I switched my unmentionables with shirts, putting the shirts in the drawers and my drawers (so to speak) in the shoe cubby thing. Works out much better!

I also made the granddaddy of all banana puddings!

Recipe at and I can tell you, it's really good. Although the cream cheese doesn't really smooth out so nicely without a blender or mixer. But it tastes great still! Yum.

I've also been diligently writing - 6 articles today! Whew!

And now it's really late, so I'd better head to bed. Good night!

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