Sunday, April 18, 2010

The RV Went Over The Mountain....

And it actually made it the entire way! Go little RV!

As some of you may be aware, Noel was having to commute a LONG way to his job everyday - 2 hours each way, plus 30 minutes of traffic, for a total of 4.5 hours a day in the car. NOT nice. He would get up at 4 am to leave for work, and would get home at 7 pm, absolutely exhausted.

We tried to do it for several weeks, but it was just too hard on him (and also the car, which did not enjoy the mountain range between TN and NC!). So today, we moved. We're now very close to my hometown of Weaverville NC at a campground called the French Broad River Campground (

We were unhappy in a way about having to leave the Jonesborough/Erwin/Greeneville TN area - it's so very pretty there, and we both really enjoy that Jonesborough likes their little town festivals. And the campground there is fantastic!! I also have other reasons for wanting to stay close to Jonesborough (which I will disclose later, but they involve yarn!). The great news is, we're just over the mountain, less than an hour from Greeneville. So that's fine. We can go back whenever we feel like it!

Cima commented that she hoped we had seen some Tennessee Walking Horses. Unfortunately, all I saw were Tennessee Sleeping Horses and Tennessee Standing Horses. :) There were tons of horses around that area though, and some of them looked (to my extremely untrained eye) a bit more...well-bred than others. But that's as far as my expertise goes. And yes, you should definitely come up to Tennessee! It's just beautiful. I tried to take pictures that showed how pretty it is, but they just don't do justice to the vistas that you happen to glimpse as you're driving down the road. Not that western NC is a slacker in that department either!
We were lucky to find a campground that's in a pretty place AND doesn't cost a small fortune. Most that we were finding were in the $700/month range. One was $900/month. Um...excuse me? $900?!?!? For a parking spot with a sewer pipe? Are you kidding? This place is less than half of that, and it's lovely!

How's THIS for a front yard view:

(That's the French Broad River!)

There were some bricks by our site which we used to make a little walkway. Aren't we fancy?

We parked, got settled in, and went for a walk, when I snapped this picture of Noel looking out over the river:

There are lots of pretty flowers. Some purple ones (help me out here if you know anything about flowers!):

And buttercups!

And some little bell-shaped white flowers on a tree:

I took some other pictures too, such as this one, Rental Cabin With Foofy Pink Tree:

This one is called Contemplative Duck:

There are lots of ducks around here, and also Canadian Geese. It's Noel's staunch belief that since Canadian Geese spend a significant amount of their time in the U.S., they should be known as American Geese. Or if they're snippy about it, Canadian-American Geese. With dual citizenship.

Alright, it's late, so I'm going to head on to bed. Hope you have a lovely day!

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Cima said...

Oh, if anybody knows, I's love to know what those purple flowers are...the white ones too, for that matter. I see the purplr ones every now and then...and figure a flowers that will grow wild, with no care at all, might, maybe, grow for Ms. Brown Thumb here...