Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garden Updates and Such!

Noel is still on his job, and it's going well. Mine is also going great! I'm really happy with this job so far - it's so nice to feel the potential in a new career!

We've also been finishing up with (hopefully) the last of the unpacking. One thing that I'm thrilled to say arrived safely through the move was a stained glass window my Uncle Earl made years ago. He was one of my very favorite uncles, and this window captures, to me, how he lived his life and the things he enjoyed. It reminds me of him a lot. Noel found the perfect spot for it, in the kitchen, so the sun shines through it every morning:

And it's so Texas-y! Love it.
Things here on the farm are going really well too! It's been gorgeous weather:

Thing In Sky!! (My friend Lisa tells me I need to self-publish a book of Things In Sky pictures - maybe should look into that, since I have about 9,352 of them.)

The garden has really been soaking up the weather too. Here's how the squash are coming along:

And the corn is already starting to look like corn! How exciting!!

(Note: these pictures were taken on Sunday - the corn is now over 4 inches tall!)
A closer view of the cows!

There is a bull. I named him Brad. Brad the Brangus.

And even the trees are barbed in Texas!

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Cima said...

That stained glass is truly wonderful....