Friday, March 18, 2011

Images From the Farm

Yesterday evening I went out for a walk at dusk and tried to get some pictures. (This was in place of unpacking, since I am so done with owning stuff. I never want to have to unpack again. Ever.)

First, a picture of the kitties, all curled up outside on the grass:

So cute. Now some of you may be asking about Poe and Loki - they're fine, lazy as ever. They're interested in the outdoor cats, but only to look at them through the window. They aren't threatened by them and don't hiss or anything. I'm not even sure they recognize that these little fuzzy things outside are cats in the first place.

So yesterday I went to check on the gardens, both flower and veggie, and I'm extremely pleased to report that thing are already coming up!!

Ok, so that's hard to see in the picture. Trust me, it's there.

I'll take updated pictures today, since things are even more up than this now. Yay!

Noel had already left for work, so I just milled around the farm taking pictures of things:

Sometimes dusky pictures don't turn out so well, but I liked these.

I thought up a little poem yesterday too:

This land is a deep breath
Inhale huge blue sky
Smiling sigh of freedom.

That sums it up pretty well.

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