Friday, March 11, 2011

Greeeeen Acres Is The Place to Be!!

We have arrived!!! And Texas has welcomed us with open arms!

So now I guess I can show you our new house.

Now for an inside tour. First the living room:

It's a HUGE room. We have the living room in the front part, and our library/sitting area in the back part. In this picture (of the library part of the room), Noel is standing in front of my writing nook, a little area with my writing desk and a nice window view.

One of the many cool things about older homes (this one was built in 1915) are the built-ins. Here's a gorgeous cedar bench built by the owner's father years ago:

He also built this gorgeous cedar built-in, also in the living room. I love the colors of the wood (Note lounging lazy cat in foreground).

Our bedroom is lovely, with a built-in vanity in the corner. Love it!!

We have a bathroom, but I didn't take a picture of that. I also skipped the other bedroom, which is currently Box of Stuff Central. It will take a while to get through. :P

The hallway has a cool built-in too:

(Ok, seriously, I promise to take new pictures Post Boxalypse).

We have a laundry room (currently full of empty boxes):

And of course, no home is complete without its heart, the kitchen. The kitchen in this house is GORGEOUS.

And the kitchen has a built-in too! Love this!

Also, it sits on a 165-acre working farm! The landlords of the home still work the farm. How neat is that?

See? COWS!! (In the background, I didn't go through the Cow Patty Landmine field to get a closer pic). (Although I did actually shovel cow poo today, but that story's for another day.)

And because this is Texas, there are also cow skulls!! As decorations!!

Because nothing says "Welcome To Our Home!" like animal carcasses.

Here's the hay barn:

And the requisite red barn with watering trough (or as my cousin John said, a Redneck Swimming Pool):

Here's the view from the front of the house:

And from the side:

And to the back:

We've also even found a cool restaurant/bar place to go for dinner (our landlords recommended it). It's a fun place called Othie's. They have pool tables, air hockey, live music on weekends, and food. BIG food. (This is Texas, after all!) I ordered a country fried pork tenderoin, and this is what I got (beer glass included for scale):

Needless to say, we made 3 meals out of this. YUM.

So here we are, happily in Texas. Even the kitties seem to like it. OH! That reminds me! We have barn kitties too (well, technically they live under the house, but still). I'll get a picture of them as soon as I can. They're skittish, but SOOOO cute (a mama & 3 kittens!!).


Rachel said...

Lovely! Looks like you're making great progress unpacking, too.

Cima Star said...

Gorgeous house! Re those avocados you mentioned, there are lots of things to do with them besides guacamole.... my favorite is a BLA, bacon, lettuce and avocado sandwich. Or cold avocado soup for a hot summer's day or avocado, grapfruit and sweet onion salad...

Kelli + Noel said...

Ok, your BLA invention sounds fantastic. YUM!

Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

That looks awesome! Please don't spray the kitties this time :) My Izzy cat has a boyfriend that keeps coming to the windows but the dogs are not very fond of him. Had to stop them from chasing it down the street today.