Friday, October 9, 2009

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

Today is a rainy day, but it's actually quite nice - no brutal sun, lower temperatures, and I can finally take the dishtowel off the door.

It was time to go grocery shopping and since we're in a new place, I decided to try a local grocery store instead of the ol' standby (Kroger). So I got ready to go to another chain store, called HEB. This was a special occasion, so I decided to be stylin'. Heh. (And yes, this dress is one of my designs, and yes, I dressed up to go to the grocery store.)

(Also, please note the demonic kitty lurking behind me. OOOOHHHHH Spooky!!!)

This store was AWESOME. I loved it!

Just look at the produce section! (And the neato little separated compartment at the front of my buggy - very practical for fragile stuff!)

Massive produce section. There were vegetables there I had never even heard of, particularly in the Mexican section (yes, there was a Mexican produce section!). Look:

Tamale wrappers! And some kind of weird Tuber of Mystery! Neato!

So I'm being dorky taking pictures of the jicamas and tamale wrappers, and turn around to see something else thrilling (ok, thrilling to me, and I am easily amused, but bear with me - it was cool). Victor! Who is HEB's onsite tortilla maker! Check this out!

I asked Victor if I could take his picture, since I'd never seen tortillas being made before, and he gave me a free tortilla, hot out of the oven. YUM. I decided to go ahead and buy some tortillas from him - imagine how good fajitas are going to be on these. YUM YUM YUM I'm taking pictures of food again. Sigh.

After passing by Victor, I headed toward the deli section, where I was offered another free sample by a lady making soup. She gave me a taste of soup, a bite of steak, a bit of potato, a taste of brownie, and 2 pieces of marinated fruit. At this point I turn to the lady and tell her I'd never been in an HEB before, and had no idea I'd be getting a full meal too! She thought this was funny. :) Poor silly girl, never having been to a fancy-pants grocery store.

So another fascinating thing in the HEB was a MASSIVE gourmet cheese section. OH BOY. I got some aged gouda, one of my very favorites.

But just in case you thought that this place was 100% highbrow, I learned something new today - not only do shooting guns and drinking beer go together like chips and salsa, but apparently the beer companies are now helping hunters to keep hidden WHILE shooting guns and drinking beer. BEHOLD:

Camouflage beer.
I particularly like the hunter orange writing. Classy! And safe! Because when you're drinking beer and firing off your rifle, safety ALWAYS comes first.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Couldn't help laughing while scrolling through this! I love that you dressed up to go to the grocery store!

michelejag said...

LMAO @ camouflage beer!!! I'm actually surprised they don't sell that in GA.


I loved your dressing up to go to the store. I thought the dress was rather stylin' myself.