Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Fun Time!

Monday and Tuesday were busy and productive and full of picture taking! On with the Picturama!

Monday I worked hard on my older niece's costume. She wants to be one of the American Girls, Rebecca, who lived in the 1930s (per the book) and is kind of a glamour girl, from what I gather. My other niece, who is in Kindergarten this year, wants to be a Twi'lek Jedi. Heh. So this is what their costumes are based on:

Yes, the Kindergartener wants to be the one with the blue head tentacles and leather outfit. This will be HEEELARIOUS.

And thankfully, I was getting so much help with the sewing! See?

Loki was thrilled to discover that if he jumped up on the sofa (where I have my cardboard cutting board laid out in the above pictures) he would slide, especially if he managed to jump on top of the satin for the dress. He decided this was his newest favorite hobby and thus must do it at least 2 times a minute. Makes for easy dressmaking, I tell ya. I finally lured him away with food. (hey - it works to lure me away from stuff all the time!).

Anyway. These kitties are very talented! While I was so industriously pinning and sewing said costume, somehow the kitties managed to sneak into the bag next to to my knees, pull out some gold rickrack for one of the costumes, and drag it into the bedroom where they were busy playing with it when I discovered the theft.

(Please note that I do in fact make up the bed each morning, but the kitties somehow manage to destroy the bed covers and wallow themselves in the rug on the floor. As soon as I straighten it out, they wallow on it again. Martha Stewart would NOT be proud.)

Such an innocent face!

I think they have promising futures as cat burglars. HA HA HA I made a funny.

When I wasn't busy trying to wrangle my sewing supplies back from the kitties, I went for a bike ride, which was...hot. And sweaty. The campground we're in has a small residential neighborhood around it, so I went out for a ride to see what I could see. And what did I see?

AND PONIES!! (They're hard to see in this picture, but trust me - there are ponies and donkeys in the field). And they're cute! Hello, ponies!

And just to prove that I really, really am in Texas.....
Wagon wheels. Nice.

Where's my 10 gallon hat, y'all?

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