Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Scientific Theorem Gleaned From Much Daily Observation

My cats are spoiled. There's no pussyfooting around it (HA! See? I made a little play on words there! I'm practically a professional comedy writer!)

Ok, so my cats are ridiculously spoiled and Loki in particular is insanely gluttonous. I put out soft food for them once a day (splitting a can for the 2 of them). Poe, Mr. Slender, will eat part of his bowlful and then walk away to do some mid-meal face washing and window-staring. Loki, Senor Chubbo, takes this opportunity to dive into Poe's leftovers (even if there's food still left in his bowl - guess the tuna is greener?).

I recently switched to a new canned food (thanks again, HEB!). Usually I wait until Noel gets home from work before I give them said canned food, so that the family can have dinner together, as it were. The other day though, Noel got up from dinner and put some odor powder (we need to buy stock in this company, or get the stuff in bulk) in the litterbox. Sat back down. Crinkled his nose. Stated that the cats were stinky. Continued to eat. Stopped eating. Crinkled nose again. Stated (again) that the cats are REALLY stinky and what is IN that litterbox because it's about to make his eyes bleed. I look at him and then say "Um, I think it's their dinner that smells."

This has happened more than once since switching to the HEB food, and I've started to give them their canned food earlier, so I can wash up their dishes before Noel gets home and thus is not subjected to the tuna funk. Call me Donna Reed (Although I don't do the dishes in an apron. Yet).

However. I've noticed that the cats seem to eat eat this food differently than the previous food: instead of eating part of it and then coming back to finish the rest later, the cats eat ALL of this food at one time. Which brings me to my official sciency sounding theorem:

Cat Food Stinkiness and Increased Palatability Theorem

To wit: The stinkier the food to humans, the more the cats like it.

Thus, the worst smelling tuna hideousness is going to be sucked down at light speed. Which is good, since you don't want to sit there and smell it for 30 minutes.

So, what is a cat-loving person to do? Do I go back to the less-stinky food that the cats like ok and which salvages our nasal passages, or continue to buy the gut-wrenching smelly stuff because they cats love it so much?

Guess which way I went. Could you please pass the clothes pin?

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