Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Poe and Loki say Happy Halloween too, and also please pass the tuna flavored candy.

Poe gets seriously miffed that he doesn't get to go Trick or Treating. After all, he doesn't even need a costume!

And Loki, in an effort to placate his sweet tooth, has taken to the hard stuff.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I just love the costumes and the frivolity and the joy of it - the expectations aren't as high as Christmas, and you can just cut loose and have fun. Also, it signals the beginning of all of the best holidays of the year - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and of course, My Birthday. :)

(As an aside, the girls' costumes fit well and they really liked them - Maybe my sister will let me post a few photos of them in action?)

Sadly, Noel is working nights on this job, so it's just the kitties and me (and Johnny Depp - I love Sleepy Hollow) this Halloween night.

In honor of the celebration, I was feeling decidedly domestic:

Check it out! A (mostly) homemade pumpkin pie!

I'm also pleased to announce a new member of the family:

Just in time for pie. (By the way, the under counter ones are so expensive! We're just going to build a little shelf for this one instead.)
The boys were very excited, not about the coffee maker (Loki has his Mountain Dew and doesn't really need any more caffeine) but about the box it came in.

OOOH! A fortress!

In other domestic news, I've been busy fixing Noel's work pants. For those of you who've seen him after an average day's work, you can attest to the fact that he generally comes home from work looking like he got dragged down a muddy gravel road by a team of runaway donkeys. His work pants generally don't survive long, particularly in the knees. So we came up with a free way of hopefully making them last a bit longer. I've cut the legs off of some of his old pants and made large patches out of them onto newer pants. Voila! Reinforced work pants.

Noel likes them. The feline fashion police aren't so sure.
Well, it's time to get back to some sewing and the headless horseman.
Happy Hauntings!!!

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