Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Which I Pick Up Motorcycle Parts, Go on a Field Trip, and Show Frightening Signs of White Trashiness

Yesterday I decided to go on a field trip! I had to go into Houston anyway, so might as well make a fun time of it, right? Must explore!

But first, I had to go by a locksmith to pick up an important piece of Bertha, the motorcycle:

The ignition. Which Noel had removed so that they could make new keys for it. At some point during our trip here, the only key we had for Bertha went missing. I'm not blaming anyone, but 2 certain black fuzzy kleptomaniacs living in the RV might be to blame. We may never know. They won't talk. I tried to interrogate them, but nothing.

Anyway! So I got a call from the locksmith to come pick up the ignition and keys, and since they're almost in Houston, I decided to cut across the city and go visit one of my favorite locations in many major cities:

IKEA! I am such an IKEA dork. I adore just strolling through the stores, imagining my life being so organized and Swedish and full of kitchen implements called Blorgensmarks and Vugenmarkls. The little sample apartments that they set up are also so fun. I love seeing how people can live so stylishly in such tiny little apartments (250 sq. ft). And then I realized this time that I actually live in such a tiny little apartment! But alas, I have no Blorgensmarks. Ah, the tragedy.

So I head toward the IKEA, which, as I said, is on the opposite side of Houston from the locksmith. I figure at least I can see some of the city, right? Know what I saw?


After an hour, I finally arrive. And am STARVING and so miserably hungry that I'm about to start getting the shakes (or maybe that's just road rage?). No matter, both can be cured....with Swedish meatballs! And mountain dew, because they didn't have that awesome lingonberry soda they sometimes have.

Yet another picture of my food. I....might be slightly obsessed. But that lingonberry jam? Is SO GOOD.

After such delicious libations, I headed for the showroom floor. I stroll through the store, oohing and aahing and petting the pillows and remarking to myself about how clever their Florgenmurf magazine holders are. One thing that i also enjoy about IKEA is that it generally gives me good ideas for things I might like to make, or inspires me to develop other crafty projects. And yes, that happened this time (a neato mail holder that I had an idea for) so I wrote it down in my little idea book that I keep in my purse for just such occasions.

Also, I found a couch I absolutely COVET. It doesn't show up well in my surreptitious photo below, but it's actually a light blue background. LOVE THIS.

Also, it's fun to make up pseudo-Swedish words for stuff. Lockenblufen! Torgenmarvn!

On my way out, I decided to grab a few things for dinner. Heh.

Since traffic was so hideous across the city, I decided to continue on I-10w out of town, and then cut around the city and go south and avoid the traffic. Did it work? Absolutely not. TWO HOURS to get back home. But! I took this picture for my sister - you can't see it very well, but the city sign in the middle says Sugar Land! I don't know if it's where the band came from, but...

I also saw this cool vintage truck painted like the Mexican flag. Fabulous!

Now, some of you may be asking, what is Noel doing while I'm galavanting all over town? He's working! See? He's ready for a day on the job!

And here he is after work. Did I mention it's hot here?

Also, do you like his welding caps? I've been making them to sell. Halloween is a great time to find fabrics for welding caps (these tough guys and their skull/flame/barbed wire themes - I want to find some kind of skull fabric with hidden bunnies in it, just to trick them. HA). Might have to get some more fabric soon, before Halloween is over and they remove that fabric from the stores!

Some of you may notice I haven't been posting much about knitting. That's because it's hot. Did I mention it's hot here? I had to take drastic measures the other day. The window on the RV's door is frosted, but still lets a lot of light through. The A/C unit is running all day and sunlight streaming into the living room doesn't help much. See what I mean?

(Ok, so with the flash you don't see the light. But trust me - it's there. The kitties even lay in the floor just so they can sun themselves, til they overheat.)

So I took the white trash route to taking care of the problem.

Yes, I taped a dish towel over the window. I'm not proud. And I have to say, it works. If it continues to be a problem that the heat comes through the window, I'll make a pretty curtain instead of the oh-so-classy fish dishtowel. It does add for a certain je ne said quois, doesn't it? Hopefully tomorrow it'll be gone. I REALLY hope.

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