Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nocturne (and Sequoyah State Park)

I have to say, this whole Noel-Working-Night-Shift thing is hard. I sleep at night, he sleeps during the day, and all in all we try to find time to go out sightseeing in the afternoons, before he goes to work. It's way too easy to sleep too much, and also tempting to not sleep enough just to spend time together, or go do fun things.

It's taken some adjustments, but we're slowing working it out!

We went to Sequoyah State Park, just down the road from our campground, to take a nice afternoon walk and see some scenery.

And there was certainly some beautiful scenery!

Look! Thing In Sky! (Just for you, Rachel!)

I found this weird mystery thing (an egg, most likely?) I honestly thought it was a gumball when I first saw it, then realized it was attached to a leaf. An entymologist I ain't. (Although I do love gumballs.) It's cool, isn't it? Although I don't really want to think about what's inside, or it might gross me out. :P

Here's the bridge that crosses over the Grand River, very close to our RV. Isn't it pretty?

Deer are also all over the place here! You have to be careful driving in the mornings & evenings, because they're everywhere. These guys obviously aren't too afraid of humans - they didn't run away, just kept a watchful eye on us.

We were also pleasantly surprised to see a variety of other animals being protected at the nature center in the middle of the park. Some of the animals had been visibly injured, such as this bald eagle who had flown into a power line and had to have his injured wing amputated. He can't fly anymore, but he does seem to lead a cushy life (he was munching on some fish when we came by, but I didn't take a picture of that. You're welcome).

There was this very regal looking owl.

And an absolutely adorable coyote. Isn't he sweet?

And my favorite (I have such a soft spot for kitties of any variety): a bobcat. He actually came right up to the fence, but I was too excited to snap a good picture. I'm perhaps a bit dorky.

OH! And we were also fortunate enough to capture a picture of the very rare Hay Turkey.

Isn't he incredibly majestic? I was worried he'd run away before I could snap the picture, but then legs. Click!

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