Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Great Wrapping Paper Massacre of 2009

I learned something today. Most beloved cat toys involve 2 things: crinkling paper or string.

Today was Present Wrapping Day! You know what wrapping presents involves? Crinkling paper and string. I got so much help from the kitties with the giftwrapping. Ample, clawy help.

Since we don't have tons of space in the RV to wrap presents, I pulled out the sleeper sofa and laid my cardboard fabric cutting board on top, so I'd have a nice working surface.

As I put the item to be wrapped on a piece of paper, Loki (of course it was Loki) would jump up and slide across the paper, digging in with his claws like Wolverine. He actually knocked this present off the couch and onto the floor. Thanks, Loki.

He and Poe took turns destroying a 3 foot section of the same roll of paper:

I finally just cut it off and threw it in the floor, so they could wallow on it all they wanted. Please note the piece of tape stuck on Loki's rear end. I stuck it on there at about 10 am just to toy with him. He was totally oblivious (he is not a normal cat). Noel finally pulled it off of him late this afternoon. We've decided that if he doesn't even notice it, we might use that an as alternative to brushing. Just pull out the lint roller!

I finally managed to get everything wrapped up for shipping out today. This year was a light blue, turquoise, snowflake theme:

It's fun to have a theme for decorating and wrapping. If they ever made Elvis wrapping paper (that didn't cost a fortune!), I'd be all over that. Last year I fought the urge to use bacon wrapping paper, but it was a little too realistic looking. Kinda gross. In the past I've done white & gold, brown paper with blue ribbon, and silver and purple.

So the presents got sent off today to North Carolina. My family's meeting there for the holiday, but we won't be joining them this year. Noel doesn't get a lot of time off of work, and I don't want to leave him here by himself on Christmas! I'm thankful that they're so understanding. :)

Most of the Christmas knitting is done, but there are a few remaining things. I guess I should get onto that.

p.s. I got another article published today, a home decor How To:

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Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

I can't get over how talented and creative you are. Glad your family understood.