Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today has been full of mostly knitting stuff, cooking stuff, and waiting impatiently for tomorrow's impending snow.


I know, I'm apparently a 12 year old. But I LOVE snow. (Please forget that I lived in Colorado for over 3 years and was so ready to leave, primarily because of the same snow that I now am so impatient to see. Yes, there is much irony here at Chez RV.)

The snow's supposed to move in tomorrow morning. I will be poised for photography and also to run around outside like a moron.
Anyway. Here's a secret: I might not actually be as red-headed as some people may be led to believe. I may in fact not be naturally red-headed at all (shhhh!). However, thanks to the miracles of modern chemistry and Clairol, I can be the feisty flame-haired woman that I want! And today, I did my hair.

Normally dying one's hair isn't really that big of a deal, if you have a big bathroom. When you live in an RV, however, it takes some special consideration. Normally I try to color my hair in the campground bathrooms, but this particular campground doesn't actually have showering facilities. So! I have to be a bit more careful, since Red Dye + Teensy RV Bathroom + Beige Carpet = Potential CSI Investigation Into The Murder That Surely Took Place Because Why Otherwise Is There Blood-Red Spatter Everywhere Including The Ceiling?

I have to use several red towels - one for my head, and one to spread out on the floor by the bahtroom sink, so that anything that spills will go on the towel. It's a bit challenging to smear the dye all through long hair without it flinging on the walls. When I rinse it out, seeing as we have only a fairly narrow shower stall, I duck my head down so it doesn't spatter upwards and out of the shower. It still looks like a crime scene, but at least it can rinse off the shower stalls.

Also, very importantly, you have to keep the cats out of the sink while you're dyeing said hair. For some reason, Loki MUST be in the middle of everything, particularly when you're: (1) sleeping, (2) in the toilet, or (3) doing anything in the bathroom sink. He loves to help me with brushing my teeth, taking out my contacts, and apparently, coloring my hair too. He's such an enabler.

This evening, I felt the need to make us fat, so I baked an apple pie. And Martha Stewart is having an effect, because it wasn't enough to slap a top crust on there and poke some holes in it, like the recipe says. Oh no. I had to do a lattice top. AND little pinwheels to decorate it. It made me proud, and Noel described it as "supercalifragilistically good." Heh.

YUM. And the best thing? There's enough left over to eat tomorrow while watching the snow.

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Anymore leftover pies can, of course be sent to me!