Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mystery Door and Crackers On the Floor!

We've been busy the last few days! Noel's job has temporarily finished up (again, with the parts on order!), but the job in Fairfield is ready to start back up. So we're getting ready to drive back up there today. On the road again!

But before we go, I have some pictures to share with you! There's a beautiful bridge that's on the way to Noel's work. It's so pretty - gray concrete with yellow cables:

Very abstract arty, huh?

I've been quite productively knitting of late, and I do actually have a picture of a few things that I can show:

A baby hat, my own design:

Snowflake ornaments (so Victorian, these things. I love them!):

Also as promised, the purple Ford Mustang planter:

CLASSY. You can take the redneck out of Texas....or can you?

Since Noel finished up work night before last, we decided last night to go out for a little fun. This is one of the drawbacks of him working on night shift - we rarely ever get to go out to do anything together. So we had passed by this place once or twice and wanted to try it out. It's called the Sherlock Pub, and it was great! Good ambiance:

And huge! It had a whole room of pool tables. Here's Noel in action - he totally skunked me at pool. I'm not ashamed. (After all, I skunked him in air hockey! )

The best part of the entire place though was the bathroom doors. Think I'm kidding? Check this out!:

It's just so Agatha Christie, no?

And here's the men's room, open, so you can see how well these doors were hidden. We've decided that we absolutely MUST have these in our house whenever we decide on one to renovate. HA!

Then this morning, we woke up to some carnage. WHY, I ask you, WHY do we have the only carb-addicted cats in the world? We have to hide the bread, the tortillas, and the rolls. We didn't think about the Ritz crackers, with disasterous consequences:

We thought Loki must have been the guilty party, but he may have had an accomplice:

Ah well. Such is life. :)

Now we're packing up the house to go back north toward Dallas. Bon voyage, and see you in Fairfield!

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Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

Loki totally reminds me of my Izzy. It is like having a toddler in the house. Sometimes I think the other cat sets her up though.