Thursday, December 17, 2009

Half the Gal I Used To Be

Yesterday afternoon, after diligently finishing up some more Christmas presents, I got up from the couch and felt....well, you know when someone stabs a kitchen skewer into your tailbone? Yeah. That. It felt less than good. And it's still hurting. I don't know what I did, but you know what? I think I'm getting old.

Once upon a time I was having back pain and I went to the chiropractor, who was a friend who played on the rugby team. He told me to climb onto the adjustment table and lay face down. I complied, and as soon as I laid down, my back popped about 3 times. Dr. Dave just stood there for a second and then laughed and said, "well, THAT was easy!". I informed him I wasn't going to pay for that. :)

It might come down to finding a chiropractor this week, because OUCH. It kinda hurts to move my right leg. Or walk. Or bend over. OOOh! I should WebMD it! Funny, isn't it, that we have a website with a symptom decoder and suddenly we're more qualified than someone who spent 8 years in medical school?

Also, let me say right now that this isn't the fault of my dancing video. Which is even sadder - this was just out of the blue, like some old brittle coffee pot being submerged in cold water and shattering. (Dramatic, yes, but I feel like being dramatic today).

So now I'm gonna go and whine so Noel will spoil me some more (he made me breakfast this morning already!)

And just for you, here is a moment of festivity:

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Rachel said...

Oh no! You broke your butt! I hope it gets better on its own really soon.

Love the tree picture. That should be a Christmas card.