Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow News Is Good News!

Guess what happened today!?!?


Not a ton, it never stuck to the ground, but it snowed for about an hour and a half! It was so pretty and we walked around outside for a while in it. Yay!

Apparently Houston got a lot of snow. Jim Cantore was even there. And we all know that when the Weather Channel sends ol' Jim anywhere, there's some serious weather happening.

We felt so festive after our little snowy walk, we came home, put on some Christmas music, and started decorating for Christmas!

No, that's not our place. Heh. We saw that house in town today and just had to snap a picture. How much do you think their electric bill goes up in December? Wow. That's some serious dedication to being festive.

Seeing that we live in a very small space (about 230 sq. ft. or so) we have to be thoughtful about our decorations. We also have 2 destructo-kitties who can NOT leave anything alone. So I got some of those vinyl clings in the shapes of snowflakes to go on our shower stall, mirrors, and windows. I figure the cats won't be able to easily pull them off if they're near the top, and may not even notice them in the first place.

And they're cute, right? :)

We also put up our fabulous Christmas tree! There was a fair amount of debate as to where to put our little 5 ft. tree. I had originally voted for the desk. Except the ceiling's too low, and also we use that space for cooking. So we figured we'd put it in the passenger seat up front, since we only use that spot for the cat bed (and they like sleeping in the front window better anyway). However, the tree was again too tall. So we ended up putting it in the floor between the passenger chair and the dashboard. It actually fits very well right there! Here's Noel putting up the tree:

Here's Loki being helpful by sniffing the tree box:

And then he decided the box was his new Fortress of Kittytude (this cat physically can NOT stay out of a box):

Our tree is a bit non-traditional. First of all, it's black. Yes, solid black. We have red & green ornaments (all non-breakable, because of aforementioned Tasmanian Kittens of Destruction):

(If you look really closely, you'll see some strings from the top of the tree to the cabinet handle and the fan. This is so the cats can't knock the whole tree over. HA HA! Foiled again, cats!)
We also have some other fun ornaments I picked up on a business trip last year through Tupelo, Mississippi:

Oh yeah. Rhinestone Elvis ornaments.

There are also some that looks like some of Elvis's record covers. LOVE these. (Hope you like yours too, Lisa!)

So yeah, we don't have a traditional tree, but it definitely suits our sense of style. Also, how many people can say their tree matches their pets? :)

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Rachel said...

LOVE the tree. Cute! I bet Loki thinks he can hide in there an not be seen at all. He might be right.

Love the pop-up behind your head giving you princess leia hair in that first picture. The color of the bunkends perfectly match your hat. I didn't notice it the first time I looked at the picture, but it jumped out at me this time. :)