Monday, December 7, 2009

We arrived into the outskirts of Houston just fine yesterday. It was a pretty easy drive, about 4 or so hours, and blissfully uneventful. We LOVE uneventful drives. :)

Noel decided to show his Christmas spirit by driving with the tree still in the passenger seat. He wished that he could've kept the lights on the whole time too, just so people could see it better. ha ha!

We stopped for gas and saw this super cute car. It's an old-school Fiat:

How adorable is that? LOVE IT.

It was rainy and the weather deteriorated after we arrived, and we were hungry. But we didn't feel like going out anywhere, or making anything too challenging to eat. So we had a quick dinner of leftover pizza. After that, I felt energetic enough to channel Martha Stewart again:

Mmmmm....MORE apple pie! This one has some fancy decorative crust on it, and I also sprinkled sliced almonds on top, which added a nice taste to it. YUM.

We had some pie and were watching Harry Potter, when ZAP! We lost power! It wasn't just us though - the entire neighborhood was lights out for a while. Our lights can run off of battery power for a while, and we also have a generator. So it's not a problem to be without electricity temporarily. We don't really like to run the generator all that much though, since it's kinda loud. We didn't have to use it last night, because the power came back on (after Harry Potter had gone off though - oh well).

Noel started work tonight (he's on night shift again - stinks). He's excited to get started on this new job. It'll be nice to have him on day shift again!

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