Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

Oh, how I love winter! Granted, we don't generally seem to have a lot of it here in Texas...that is, until today. It's colder today, about 45 degrees out right now (at about 7 pm) and rainy. More rain tonight, and possibly some tomorrow. But the most exciting news? For Friday, they're calling for the possibility of


Well, rain and snow mixed. But! Still, maybe snow! Very exciting!

I've been busy doing my Christmas knitting and crocheting. Again, no pictures (yet) because most of the recipients read this blog. :)

We've spent some of the last few days driving around, visiting new places. We found a town yesterday called Calvert, TX that has a cute and artsy little downtown, and GORGEOUS houses. We were so intrigued by the fact that this tiny town had so many impressive old homes, that we came home and googled it. Apparently it was a trading town, based on a cotton economy and the railroads. Huh. The funny thing was, unlike some of the other towns we've seen with up and coming downtown development and refurbishment of old (currently inexpensive) homes, this place was very tiny, but the houses were seriously pricey! We found several in the million dollar range. Gulp.

Example: (This one is small by comparison to some that were there)


I was so awed by the prettiness that I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

We tried to go to the state park today to go on another hike, and were turned away at the gate by a sign that warned us of a public hunt. No, it's not people hunting other people out in public. Look out, Bambi! I'm squeamish about hunting. I know it's really probably necessary for population control in a large area where hunting is prohibited 51 weeks of the year, but still. I get nervous flipping past the outdoor channel that they're going to show something I really don't want to see. Noel finds this terribly amusing and ironic, considering that I can watch CSI and History Channel shows about torture with absolutely no problem at all. But toss an animal into the mix, and it's all over but the cryin'.

Also ironic? We're having deer burgers tonight. (More meat from Noel's coworkers - ground venison). Yes, I am a hypocrite. But a well-fed hypocrite.

The hunt should be done by this weekend, and we can go hiking again. We had decided it might be better not to press our luck, especially in a state known for shooting stuff. Giddyup, y'all!


Rachel said...

That house is still a bargain compared to the ones here. Beautiful! I'm with you on hiking during hunting thing - not going to risk sounding like a deer when there are guys with guns in the woods.

Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

That house is beyond awesome. I would love that place.

I hear you on the hunting. I hate to see it or know where it came from but I sure will eat it. I tend to be more sympathic to animals over humans. They are just innocent little creatures unlike humans.